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Local Church

The Purpose and Practices of the Local Church


Local Church: The Purpose & Practices of the Local Church Preface Introduction to Local Church T...


This study of the work of God is for the purpose of impressing upon the leaders of his people in ...

Chapter 1: Introduction to Local Church

God's Church and God's Churches God's Church We must understand the difference between "The Churc...

Chapter 2: The New Testament Pattern

Since we are living in the last days we must completely open to the moving of the Holy Ghost, who...


158 Cover 160 Preface 161 Introduction to Local Church 162 The New Testament Pattern 163 The Chur...

Chapter 3: The Church Throughout the Ages

The Church was in God's Mind throughout the ages Eph 1:9; 3:3,5; Col 1:16,26 The Church was birth...

Chapter 4: The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God In this section we will examine the Kingdom. The term itself denotes sovereign...

Chapter 5: The Church and the Churches

The Church and the Churches It is imperative to our study of the local church that we understand ...

Chapter 6: The Independent Church

Every New Testament church was an independent church. They were "self-governing", "self-supportin...

Chapter 7: Principles of Church Government

Chapter 8: Plurality of Church Government

Chapter 9: The Ministry of the Apostle

Chapter 10: The Ministry of the Prophet

Chapter 11: The Ministry of the Evangelist

Chapter 12: The Ministry of the Pastor

Chapter 13: The Ministry of the Teacher

Chapter 14: Elders

Chapter 15: Deacons

Chapter 16: Church Discipline