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Introduction to Philemon

The Writer

We see from the first verse that this epistle was written by Paul the apostle.

The Purpose of Writing

Paul wrote this epistle to Philemon to intercede for Onesimus, the runaway slave.

The Theme

The theme of this epistle is Christian character.Dhamira ya waraka huu ni tabia ya mkristo.

The Outline of Philemon

There is only one chapter in the book of Philemon, which can be outlined in at least two ways:

  1. A private letter of intercession

    • Greetings (1:1-7)
    • Testimonial concerning the changed character of Onesimus (1:10,11)
    • Appeal for forgiveness (1:12-19)
    • Promise of making good any losses (1:18,19)
    • Great wisdom with humility used (1:20, 21)
    • Paul's request (1:22)
    • Closing remarks (1:23-25)
  2. An illustration of the gospel method

    • A challenge to be a servant like Jesus was
    • Four wonderful blessings of practical Christianity
    • The message of end-time deliverance

For the sake of this study, we will look at the second method of outlining this epistle.